25 October 2005

The next crop

Bitter opera queens unsatisfied with the likes of Fleming, Netrebko, and Graves: check out and cruise the vibrant LiveJournal operasingers Community, where Ashlee Simpson types are chatting vigorously about voice ("I can nail those low notes as well as sing a solid g. Shoot!"), repertory ("anybody know where I might find the lyrics for the Flower Duet from Lakme?"), physics ("It's me-- the girl who discovered that push-up bras help you sing..."), and education ("just got back from watching Marilyn Horne give a master class. Oh my goodness, it was TOTALLY amazing!!"). In ten to fifteen years, don't be surprised to see operasingers alums in your local house roster. (Or worse, on the net as bitter ex-singer opera bloggers.) Seriously though, Sieglinde is somehow heartened by all the *awesome* interest. Dude, we got a future, after all.