23 October 2005

Sunday Popsicle

A New York Times article by drooly Kathryn Shattuck about the 'goods' of bari-hunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes carries the secondary headline (only in print, not in the web version) "'I don't really see what all the fuss is about,' says 'opera's Brad Pitt.'" Sieglinde thought the venerable paper discontinued use of that kind of headline since getting into trouble in 1973 with "'I am not a crook,' says 'crook.'" Anyway, we like Brad Pitt, and any reference to the Pitt has to be checked, measured, and verified. In absolute terms, we think the comparison to be a bit sensational, but we're giving Tahu (and his fans) a chance to rebut(t) by submitting naked pics directly to the Diaries (a la Pitt, via teenage girl website, be sure to *scroll down*), before we make a final pronouncement on this matter.

If that doesn't do it for you this Sunday morning, proceed to bask in the webinsanity of our shut-in little sister, this time for some Halloween doll play.