28 October 2005

Lammermoor Leak

If you can't tell (from recent posts) that Sieglinde's in Florida this week, then I will tell you this: Sieglinde's in Florida this week. Meanwhile, a warmly received Cosi fan tutte opens at the Met, as well as the return of Lucia di Lammermoor (a personal fave), marked by the Met debut of one 31 year old Italian tenor named Giuseppe Filianoti, and another visit by hotbod Elizabeth Futral. Sieglinde's spies are all over Lammermoor (in addition to the balcony men's room stalls), and one particularly orgasmic boy files a report, which you'll find below. Apologies in advance to Renée Fleming for the misspell, and for the insinuation that it's her phlegm that makes her sing the way she does. Sieglinde shall be there next week to evaluate these grand jury indictments herself.

"Giuseppe Filianoti sang like a god. Aside from the incredible breath control, the molten legato, the fearless ascent to the ringing high notes (think Ferruccio Tagliavini but much much smoother), there is the stunning diction: I could make out every word coming out of this guy's mouth Couple that with ardent impassioned Italianate singing and you've got yourself a legend in the making. He moved onstage with incredible elegance and is a very handsome man to boot. The suicide was done in an odd but to me very effective way: quite High Golden Age Tres Elegant Victorian Melodrama. (Very Oscar Wilde.) BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO: what an auspicious debut. There were times when I closed my eyes and I could hear echoes of that other Giuseppe ... di Stefano. My heart was sobbing at the 'Tu che a Dio' and by the 'bell alma inamorato' I was a complete mess.

Renay Phlegming sure could use coaching lessons from Elizabeth Futral. Futral has half the glamour of Renay stimm but has 100,000 times more taste, feeling and superb diction with no self conscious and egregious mannerisms (which means no mooing no cooing no pooing no scooping and no whooping) and no discombobulated registers. This was a Lucia that was deeply felt and incredibly moving. She looked wonderful onstage: exquisite slim willowy figure and gorgeous long dark hair. Work those high e-flats. Work that chest voice, work it. 'Il fantasma il fantasma' was frightening, sending chills down my spine.

John Relyea was good, except for that extra breath to end his cabaletta, and sooo sexy. Charles Taylor as Enrico was imposing."