13 October 2005

"Ich komme, ich komme ..."

Can't find tickets to Renée Fleming's Carnegie Hall Daphne this weekend? (Is it sold-out yet?) Can't afford it, or can't bring yourself to spend real money on it? Aunt Sieglinde brings good news. If you're "Sexy, Handsome, Culture-Loving, Over 35 ... (into) good company and perhaps some preconcert, nsa, safe fun," then you got yourself a free ticket. Times are tough; a man's gotta do what a gay man's gotta do. (Respond in haste.)

Sex and Free Daphne -36 [craigslist.org]

PS. Not my ad. Don't bother me.
PPS. Rumor has it that they're press seats (WOWZA!), and that you'll have to be into being called "Sir."

UPDATE: The ad, deleted by the author the day after it appeared on craigslist (wonder why), read as follows:

"Sex and Free Daphne - 36
Reply to: anon-103889481@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-10-13, 2:02PM EDT
Come to Daphne at Carnegie 10/15/05 For Free

You can be my date for Renee Fleming at Carnegie Hall singing Strauss's Daphne this Saturday night if you are: Sexy, Handsome, Culture-Loving, Over 35, and if you send me a face AND body pic. Not looking for anything--no bf, not necessarily a friend, nothing--except good company and perhaps some preconcert, nsa, safe fun at my place if it feels right. I am 36, 5'8", 145 lbs, 7"cut, in an open ltr. This is in or around W57."

UPDATE 2: Oooops, thought the reason for the delete was that he got overwhelmed by responses (from Fleming/leather connoisseurs). Now it looks like he just needed to pull it back up to the top of the ad list. He reposted the same ad here this afternoon (but renamed it, discreetly, "Daphne at Carnegie Free + More (?) - 36"). Good luck to all.

UPDATE 3: Now that's been deleted too. I'm tired of that. Meanwhile, let's all turn our attention to other opera-related craigslist ads, summarized here. Spread the love.