10 October 2005

Breaking News: Mother in Gawker

My blind mama, La Cieca, has caught the attention of the venerable society pages of gawker.com (granted, the "Remainders" pile), via a catalogue of word choices by one Tony Tommasini, critic of classical music and, ostensibly, connoisseur of leather goods and services.

So that's all it takes to break into the major leagues? Cataloguing things from publicly available databases? Listen wonkette, andrewsullivan, MyDD, dailykos: Sieglinde has an e-box full of info about Tony T.'s leather whores and fellow 'arts' critics, where they eat, which Verdi they like, which mezzo they don't, boxers or briefs, top/btm/vers, etc. ... and if that doesn't do the trick, how about pictures of same critics hanging out with opera bloggers at some East Village Starbucks. Scandalo!

UPDATE: Sieglinde was told that this season's hottest ticket to blogfame is Harriet Ellan Miers. So ok ... she finds in Ms. Miers's bio: "Interests: running, tennis, opera. Family: single, no children. Religion: Evangelical Christian." Opera ... single ... evangelical? Smells like a gay man to me. Sieglinde's digging deeper ...